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Legal Advisors & Management

  • Paz Valverde

    Paz Valverde

    Paz is a lawyer at the Cordoba Bar Association. She has acquired experience in real estate law and urbanism in various international law firms. She handles conveyancing. She speaks English and Spanish.

  • Paula Campos

    Paula Campos

    Paula is a lawyer and has acquired work experience on court procedures in several international law firms. She takes care of the follow-up of donation, last wills and inheritances. She speaks Spanish and English.

  • Brenda Leek

    Brenda Leek

    Brenda is para-legal and responsible for administrative support in purchasing records and coordinating with banks and real estate agencies. Brenda speaks English and Spanish and Dutch.

  • Serena Peñalver

    Serena Peñalver

    Serena is a legal advisor and has acquired work experience on real estate law in several law firms. She takes care of the follow-up of conveyancing property purchase. She speaks Spanish and English.

  • Yves Sirejacob

    Yves Sirejacob

    Yves is the office director. He was a solicitor for 15 years and nowadays realty specialist. He speaks English, Spanish, French and Dutch. He also acts as honorary Consul for the province of Málaga.

Support & Account Administration

  • Nathalie van Kerckhoven

    Nathalie van Kerckhoven

    Nathalie is responsible for administrative support to the lawyers, and coordinates between clients and the many employees at the office. Nathalie speaks English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. 

  • Ezekiel Guerra

    Ezekiel Guerra

    Ezekiel handles administration after the purchase of real estate or the acceptance of an inheritance. He handles contacts with public administration, banks and public utilities.

  • Francien Nederhorst

    Francien Nederhorst

    Francien is our administrative assistant in our Marbella office. She is responsable for overseeing the daily office, banking and accounting. Francien speaks English, Dutch and Spanish.

  • Ana Falcon

    Ana Falcon

    Ana is handling all administrative matters, all name changes in contracts of water, gas and electricity, and contacts with public services. She speaks English and Spanish.

  • Susanne de Ruijter

    Susanne de Ruijter

    Susanna is administrative assistant at the office in Marbella and is responsible for the switch board and the reception of clients at the office. Susanne speaks English, Spanish and Dutch.

  • Julia Casado

    Julia Casado

    Julia is responsable for the invoicing and administrative support in purchasing real estate. She coordinates with banks and real estate agencies. Julia speaks English and Spanish.